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Cirrus Group LLC is an application development company building web and mobile solutions for childcare and afterschool program management. Their primary applications are DayCare Works and SchoolCare Works. The Only APM for Development and Test WADE ROBBINS &KLHI6ROXWLRQV2ɝFHU Oversees all of software technology We have been customers of ZeroTurnaround's for a while now. We are very excited to add XRebel Hub to our suite of tools to measure performance in testing and development. Traditional APMs are great for production but can be overkill in development DQGWHVWLQJ&LUUXV*URXSR΍HUVD6DD6SURGXFWZLWK millions of transactions daily, so we need to make sure performance is top of the line. XRebel Hub is instrumental for us in getting high-quality apps out the door faster to our customers. Case Study Challenge Ours is a SaaS solution that is mission critical to our clients. There are thousands of centers that use our product and we have millions of transactions daily. We want to make sure application performance is top of the line since our clients' expectations are high. Solution We have been using XRebel Hub to ȴQG issues with easy stacktraces. XRebel Hub is focused on the QA environment, helping me GLDJQRVHLVVXHV as we go - I'm not gonna point production APM to a developer machine. XRebel Hub also gives us a way to come up with a baseline of what happens between releases. We have a baseline from where we started and as people add code and change things around it gives us an idea of what happens between sprints. This makes it easier to understand, so ȴ[LQJLVVXHV is simple. Results With XRebel Hub we've seen a reduction LQSURGXFWLRQLVVXHV:HȴQGLVVXHV earlier and had these issues made it to production it would cost us a lot of money and downtime. For more information go to our website or send us an email at

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